Aspiring and freelance models came out on Saturday ready to showcase their talent and secure their spot in Level-Up! Magazine's fashion show. This was not your average casting call; this is not your average magazine, either. 

Beginning in routine, Bonnie May, fashion edition cover girl and host for the March 8 show, along with Saavedra Lewis, fashion show coordinator, laid out the laws for the call and measured models. Let the call begin. Reminiscent of Alexander McQueen's interactive and theatrical shows, the runway is set in the middle of the would-be crowd. 

The runway is set to be up close and personal, making the attendees part of the show and destroying the fourth wall. The runway setup was not the only unique component of LeveL-Up!'s casting call; Bonnie May and Saavedra Lewis gave hands-on instruction, a very rare sight in the fashion industry. At an ordinary casting call, models arrive, walk and leave. There is no interpersonal connection, advice, or further critique. Most times, models crumble in anxiety after a call; walking in front of stone cold faces and hearing the soul sinking words, "don't call us, we'll call you." This can be a model's or any artist's-- worst nightmare. Bonnie and Saavedra led the call with the spirit of mentorship. They created a thick level of association and comfort among the models. 


"We all out here grinding," said Bonnie while giving a mini-inspirational message to the models. As a  freshly signed model, she advised the ladies to study runway walks and perfect their craft. The models received firsthand experience from a "peer" perspective. Both Bonnie and Saavedra were dedicated to building and consulting with the models. 

LeveL-Up!'s casting call was a small window to the greatness that will be in next weekend's fashion show. LeveL-Up! is revolutionizing industries, from print to the runway.

-  Written by Fashion Intern Marissa Sallie