Our track: ‘In Control’ is about the objectification of women in the music industry; specifically Hip Hop. The Hip Hop genre is flooded with misogyny.
— Miss Chiff

Instead of fighting it, female rap artists seem to fuel the fire by branding themselves to fit into the molds that are laid out by the music industry. Like I say in my lyrics 'Like our skills ain't real until we're signing record deals.

To get them we go writing about our ass and throw on high heels'; women choose to objectify themselves and allow they're entire brand to revolve around sex appeal in order to gain attention.

At the end of the day, it's less about their lyrics and more about their image. I personally find this approach to be the easy route. It's much more intriguing to me to listen to a female Hip Hop artist who has something to say and doesn't need to take her clothes off to get people to listen. I think it's important to fight for the possibility of women gaining mass appeal without having to incorporate sex into their brand.