Astros and Ribbions


Nick Astro, is no doubt one of the hottest underground artists that the city of Chicago has to offer. Astro has a unique sound, an ear for quality, a diverse skill set, he directs his own videos, and has a loyal following, what more can you ask for?

On February 7th, Nick Astro added a new feather in his hat, talent scout. At the Blues Heaven located on Michigan in Chicago, Astro shot a video for his new song "Ribbon in the Sky" (directed by Marlon A. Hulett) and he choose to shoot with any woman who walked in the door and could memorize a few lines. 

 Nick Astro with two of his Actresses

Nick Astro with two of his Actresses

 "Ribbon in the sky" is  a joint from his newest project, an EP entitled Nothing is Original which has yet to be released. I was able to sit down with Astro for an interview, and I was looking for any identifiable marks that would allow me to classify him. Astro's musical inspirations include Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Outkast, Pharrell, Kanye. So I thought to myself, "nobody is truly original these days he must sound like someone." Perhaps he's a futurist like Tyler the Creator, definitely not about that violent culture like Chief Keef, perhaps more of a conscious like common, or just smooth like Frank Ocean, who is this guy like?! My conversation gave me only one viable answer, Nick Astro is an Artist, you cannot put him in a box. This Artist preformed at the  South by Southwest twice, but his hearts desire is in film! 

Nick Astro's work promotes joy and positivity; enjoying life to the fullest. A human being isn't just given one talent at birth, but many. We are all multidimensional, onions with many layers and Nick Astro's life and music not only brings joy, but also gives an example of how we all have the potential for great and glorious things. 

Nick Astro and I as we discuss his views. 

ALL Images By Ashley Minefee