The Harvest Movement

There Is a very powerful movement taking form in our very own city of Chicago! If you happen to travel the streets of Chicago, you may have seen them working, they have participated in the Syrian protest against violence, the protest against police brutality, they have been to New York, Baltimore, Washington D.C, Philadelphia, and they just spoke for a crowd of two hundred and fifty college students in Michigan. That is really dope, but what in the world is the Harvest?

The Harvest: Generation Y- Not is a upcoming Feature length documentary that follows the journey of several individuals as they search to find the answer to one of the most profound questions, "What world are we cultivating for future generations to inherit?"

These men dare to travel to get the view of the old and the young about where the world is heading, and how can we make a change?

The city of Chicago is starting to take notice and many are asking themselves how can they help push the world to a better place using their skills and talents.  All of the Filmmakers involved; Damon Pierre, Dorian Green, Jordan Campbell, Michael Williams, Jaylon Harrison and Level Ups very own Jon Veal are also the producers of the film, and are now using crowd funding to further progress the film, thus making it truly the peoples film. These leaders have started an indiegogo campaign, with an ambitious goal in mind, the films popularity just keeps growing and growing, perhaps because this film involves all of us. This film will show us who we are as a culture, and that is worth harvesting. 

You can join the cause here!



Jon Veal