The Connector : Vau've Davis of Official Anais PR

Meet Vau've Davis, founder of Anais Public Relations Firm. Obtaining a degree in Psychology, this University of Illinois graduate dedicates her life to being a PR professional, and has made numerous contributions to her community;

one of these being the Shark Tank Social which is held at the Zhou B Art Gallery. "The Shark Tank Social is an opportunity for Chicago entrepreneurs to socialize, view the show and share their dreams and/or business with other professionals," Davis says. "It's a platform for both profit businesses and non- for-profits." Throughout her work, Davis was always seen as the "connector" as she was always one to help build relationships. "I've found that there are quite a few people that are shy who are still interested in networking with their professional peers," Davis says. She enjoys working to help better the communication skills of others, and encourages them to do their research and connect themselves with people who are doing what they themselves aspire to do. Davis is making major moves as well as helping others to do the same, and we can't wait to see her work in the future.

Author: Teddie Hill