#WTF: Chemist Says They’re Putting Chemicals In the Food To Make People Gay

GMO's Make you GAY? 

Welcome to the 21st century of chemical warfare and tasty endocrine damaging GMOs.

One University of California Berkley scientist Tyrone Hayes has opened a can of worms on the Agri-business giant Syngenta. Syngenta hired him in the late 90's to test the effect of their herbicide ATRIZINE on frogs but had no idea he would unveil the true effect of the "gender bending" chemical.

While banned by the EUROPEAN UNION, the spray ATRIZINE has been used on American food crops, golf courses, and Christmas tree farms for over 50 years.

What Tyrone Hayes discovered was that this herbicide caused sexual /hormonal abnormalities in male frogs that interfered with male development. His data uncovered  male frogs began to develop eggs, and mate with other males AKA turn into female frogs? Syngenta then tried to buy the findings from him, discredit his work, and even threaten his family. WTF?