Review of Latest Fashion Edition with Cover Model Patrice Julion

Who doesn't love looking at beautiful models with the latest trends on in magazines? Well, for LEVEL-UP! Magazine issue 8, it was a complete fashion edition. The cover model was Patrice Julion and other gorgeous models were featured in the issue.

Two designers were featured, such as LaCoyia Sanders and Tenetia Rachel. Along with the designers, two stores were also featured in the fashion edition, Captivating Closets with stylist Kimberly Woods and Rehab'd Vintage with stylist Dionna Nicole. 

LaCoyia Sanders designs are more of a "walk on the beach" type clothing. The pieces are very chill and flowy, but have a slight sex appeal to contrast with the looseness of the clothing. What I also love is the body jewelry, it gives the sense of of a greek goddess gone bad. The jagged look of the jewelry gives it a more rough touch along with the crazy lipstick. I like it very much!

Screen Shot 2014-12-27 at 12.46.44 AM.png

Tenetia Rachel designs give me a sense of minimalism (currently trending as well). With the minimal colors and sleek designs, she uses different textured fabrics on the same piece of clothing which gives it more dimension and visual illusions to the eye. Very dope!

There is one piece from the store called Captivating Closets and the one piece is very interesting. I caught myself looking at it for a while. I like the organic and geometric shapes it has. If you wore that going out, you will definitely be the center of attention in a positive way! 

Fur and colorful prints is all I see for the store Rehab'd Vintage! The stylist Dionna Nicole did an amazing job mixing all the different patterns. The inspired look for these photos is Harajuku, which is a neighborhood in Tokyo, Japan. The street style there is OUT OF THIS WORLD! I encourage you to look it up on google. All the models have the Harajuku makeup and hair which pulls the whole look together. 

As you can see so many great designers and amazing stores in Chicago came together in one issue to showcase creativity and talent. If you are a designer or stylist and would like to contribute send us an email to 

 The models also get great exposure and quality photos to add to their portfolios. If this interests you don't hesitate! Here is the link for the LEVEL-UP! model casting call. 

Want to see what the fashion edition was like behind the scenes? 

Behind the scenes of LeveL-Up! Magazine's first covergirl competition for the upcoming Spring fashion edition featuring styling + design by LaCoyia Sanders, Tenetia Rachel, Kimberly Woods, and Dionna Nicole. Meet the models and the team of makeup, hair, and interns as the girls embark on a high fashion editorial journey.