The Importance of Print in Today's Fashion Media Market.







The Importance of Print in Today's Fashion Media Market 

 Advertising is a form of communication ; for the marketing of brands, products or services to an audience with the intention for that audience to purchase a product. In our fast paced society, small businesses today are not just relying on social media to get their message out., they are also creating print ad campaigns to promote their products while using social media as an engagement tool to reach their target niche market.

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Fashion is one of the biggest industries that uses print media to advertise products, services, and brand lifestyle. High quality fashion print ads are known to bring results. 

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From billboards, newspapers and magazine ads, the industry of fashion is a constant reminder of the power in advertising through unique, captivating images.

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For example, a feature client Danyell Hopson; CEO of  Yell Designs continues to captivate readers from her spread in Issue 5. As a magazine, we transformed her style of avant-garde beauty into a 9 page spread that highlighted her one-of-a-kind creations; including using her images to drive more engagement as an ad campaign for our release party / fashion show. 

This shoot was made possible by having a great team of creative individuals including our photographer on set Elizabeth Kindig | MUAs Megan Okusea + Theresa Jones + Bei Smith. The time and effort that everyone put into the shoot will remain as a representation of the power in advertising and fashion editorials. 


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