Visionary Designer: Grant Omohundro

Last week Level Up! Magazine had the chance to catch up with avant-garde artist Grant Omohundro and talk about his clothing line Who Cry Wolf.  Who Cry Wolf, is a lifestyle brand that is catching the attention of many because of how unique the product is. You might want to buy one of the shirts above but you cant, not really because each shirt made is 100% original and cannot be completely duplicated. Each and every shirt is hand painted thus each shirt is exclusive to the customer. intrigued with this approach to business we got a chance to talk with the man behind this vision on the origins and mission of his brand.

Level Up! Writer Jon Veal- "How did Who Cry Wolf get started?"

Grant Omohundro- so the origin of Who Cry Wolf was me not being content with where I was in life, and living by the saying, "if you want something to change, you have to make change." Realizing that I couldn't be the only one going through this struggle, I began to document the trials and tribulations I was going though , so others could overcome these same obstacles. I have always had a love for fashion, so i thought what better way to connect with people than through something we must wear everyday? So at that moment in 2013, I decided I would create a streetwear brand where the message is just as important as the aesthetic, if not more important. I soon realized that the most important part of this journey is not just sitting around talking about your ideas, but putting them into action and adjusting accordingly from there. That is when Who Cry Wolf came to me. Had the "Boy Who Cried Wolf" only cried wolf when the wolf was actually there, then his whole village would have came and supported him. It is the same for anything we are venturing into. If we talk about it for too long without anyone seeing any action, they will get tired of the same story over and over again. You must let your work speak for you and those around you will catch on. No talking is even needed at that point. Our actions speak volumes. 

"What is your Mission?"

The mission of Who Cry wolf is to create a movement that allows everyone with, what society views as unattainable or lofty, ambitions to not feel alone amidst their grind. We will create a community that allows others to bounce ideas off of one another, and when they are feeling disheartened they can look to those apart of Who Cry Wolf for support and motivation.  They say we are a representation of the 5 people we spend the most time with. We are trying to make Who Cry Wolf those "5 people" because what better way to grow and progress than to surround yourself with others who are constantly pushing themselves and progressing. We want to change the way clothing is looked at. It is already a representation of us as individuals, but we want to take that a step further. With Who Cry Wolf, what you put on your back will mean even more. It will remind you that you are not alone, and while this process will not be easy, we will be here for you

To contact Grant follow @WhoCryWolf on IG and Twitter and Grant Omohundro on Facebook.

Jon Veal