#Issue6 Features

Sade & Brook

Two plus the fun. Sade & Brook teamed up to change the game in the music industry. Reconnected and now established, both young ladies stop by LeveL-Up! Magazine media studio to tell the world how effective their brand is. Connect with them: @Daejones & @Itsbrook_lyn

A.Sadat & Sauce Gang stops by the LeveL-Up! Magazine studio to promote the brand and artist A.Sadat born and bred in Chicago, flooding the city with his signature "ocean 808"  ambiance. Follow A.Sadat: @Asadat_ATM

Drew Yung & Fly & High 

It's fly and high in the building! Drew Yung is back in effect with his next mixtape ALL IN and the movement FLY & HIGH. Get in tune. Follow Drew Yung @DrewYung


Dope content, music and storyline. Rello sits down with LeveL-Up! Magazine to express why his music is eipc.

Follow Rello: @ChKarmaDreams


Self taught, everyday grindin. West African native and hip-hop artist P Martt keeps it 100 about where he came from and how he found out music was his gift.

Follow Pmartt @Pmartt

The Village: Kembe X | Monster Mike | Alex Wiley 

Reppin' Chicago and the youth movement, it's the Village. They rap hella good, they have hella good music, and they're hella funny. Watch as they discuss personal projects and their latest hit Dollar Please.

Follow them: @KEMBE_X | @monstermikeho | @Alex_Wiley