Melbourne rappers Baro {BaroToadstool} & Charlie Threads

For Melbourne rappers Charlie Threads and Baro, having new found fame in a highly saturated genre of rap represents their creativity, passion, and talent for lyrical expression. This expression clearly comes through in their music as to the experiences they go through on the daily as teens growing up in Australia.

You wouldn't know it, but Baro and Charlie Threads aren't only fresh outta high school, their raw talent and sick flow is putting them on the scene with performing at the highly regarded Melbourne Music Week and also earning sponsorships along a wide range of fans - including snap chat and Instagram followers. With all the fame and attention they've been receiving over the past 10 months, Carlie and Baro remain laid back and cool headed about their accomplishments proclaiming that their support comes from classmates and people who just want to support their grind.

Check out the candid and personal interview with the duo about their experience with fans and what to expect from them in the coming year. Connect : @barryisrichard | @charlie_threads