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Weird Rap: YOU-C (@doyoucme3 ) Exclusive Interview

Do You C Me was a 2 year long project that took artist You C on a journey of discovery as an artist. "This project is more for the weirdos, the outcasts....."  His musical likes range from Future to Tyler the Creator and being a comic book purveyor and fan of late 90's WuTang —You C unites the odd, strange, and unique listener to lyrical bars and a mix of comical play. 

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Chai Tulani | EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW @ChaiTulani

Born in Kenya, AfricaTulani moved to Chicago at the age of four yet keeps a connection to home.At an early age, he took a liking to music. In second grade, he fell in love with the song “Fast Car” by Tracy Chapman—  inspiring him to write music and strum the guitar.

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