Chai Tulani | EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW @ChaiTulani

SHOT BY JOSHUA SMITH Interviewed by Teddie Hill

Not only would he rap battle with J Cole if he had the chance, he dropped out of college with full support from his family to pursue his music career. Artist, composer and Dragon Ball Z fan— Chai Tulani isn’t your average street rapper from Chicago; he’s a self taught musician with old school music inspiration from the likes of Bobby Womack, Bob Marley, and even Tracy Chapman.

Born in Kenya, Africa Tulani moved to Chicago at the age of four yet keeps a connection to home.At an early age, he took a liking to music. In second grade, he fell in love with the song “Fast Car” by Tracy Chapman—  inspiring him to write music and strum the guitar.

He best describes his sound as soul hop — with definite rap and hip hop influences, Tulani’s music reaches out to African youth especially, anyone who wants to be inspired.


Chicago based artists Chai Tulani listens to include Saba, Ace da Vinci, Limitless Sound, Stevie Adams and Daryn Alexus. Aside from his favorite local artists, he enjoys old school music from different genres.

His recent work – Pocket Juice, which he released with LEVEL-UP! MAGAZINE last fall/winter is an eight song project created to keep people in the loop on things he was creating. Instead of releasing individual songs, he decided to release multiples at one time. Pocket Juice talks about an array of things from working a 9-5 to everyday life. When it comes to content, he sees himself like Kid Cudi more than any other modern day artist.  

In his free time, he likes to dance and make YouTube videos. Currently, music is a career for him and he plans on going even further in pursuing his dream in 2016.  

He can be found @chaitulani on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.