Steve's World | EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW @stevie_saves


Interviewed by Teddie Hill

Growing up in one of Chicago’s south suburbs, Stevie Adams is not your average underground Chicago rapper. From songs about parallel parking to ideas like Panera Bread and Starbucks, Stevie brings his uniqueness to the music scene. He enjoys writing about everyday life experiences that most people would never think to write a song about.  

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Stevie Adams differs from some Chicago artists because he has not lived in the city. His life experiences are different because he can’t talk about what is happening in the city like the ongoing crimes and murders. He simply writes about what he knows and funny topics. That’s what makes this guy so unique! Not to mention he showed off his awesome sense of style and love for fruit as he walked into the interview!


Shot by Joshua Smith

What inspires him is seeing people like his friends being successful. Adams sees everything as an inspiration as he tries to make everyone his audience, so he does not have a specific crowd of people he wishes to reach. He wants to touch everyone with his creativity. “I just don’t want kids to feel lonely, and I want mothers to love me,” he says.

Adams has been writing and performing for two and a half years now and he sees himself going far and continuing to make this a career path for himself. His most recent song is “Parallel Park” which was released at the end of December 2015. “I can’t parallel park, so I made a song about it. It’s not the normal thing, but I’m not a normal person,” he said.

When Adams creates his music, he hopes to be a person that his audience can relate to. When he thinks about his situations and what he goes through, he writes about them in a way that he know will be relatable.

When it comes to Chicago native artists, Adams enjoys listening to Kanye West and King Louie. He enjoys reading and believes Dr. Seuss was a lyricist. He would have a rap battle with him and Pimp C. His favorite video games from the ‘90s are Mortal Combat and Tetris. Tetris, because his aunt used to love it. In a past life, he believes he could have been a creative or an artistic person.

Stevie Adams released his new project Shaolin Son January 31st